Posted by: lonelyonzebes | August 17, 2010

Our Fears are Confirmed

You may have seen the holos by now, but the Federation has lost contact with the Special Squadron dispatched to SR388. Direct footage has not been released to the public, but the report revealed what everyone had most feared: Metroids still live on Planet SR388.

The Squadron, in its first and only transmission, reported they had established a base near the two science ships. Using freeze guns and missiles, they secured the landing zone and confirmed the death of both the science expedition and the rescue team. They were also sending a reconnaissance droid along with a scouting detail to investigate the nearby caves for possible entry into the depths. Though the report was clearly incomplete and obviously censored, it did confirm the presence of dozens of Metroids living deep beneath the surface.

If even one of those Metroids was to escape the planet, it would threaten entire Galactic Civilization.

The presence of more Metroids is troubling, but not unreasonable. I had expected as much from the report of the Marina, which picked up the first Metroid so long ago. However, I am surprised Old Bird did not tell me about them. He expected me to protect the galaxy, and yet told me so little of what I need to know. A master is supposed to guide his pupil, but the Chozo have left so much in haze and darkness.

What bothers me more was what was embedded at the end of the news report. It was more unsettling in its suddenness. For there, among the casualties, was a name I had almost forgotten:

Rick Stein.

My comrade from cadet school.

We’d covered each others’ backs so many times back then… Rick, Anthony, and…

Well, that was a long time ago. A different time. A time before the Metroids, before Phazon, before…all of it. We were so young back then, and we never gave a doubt to whether we would ever see each other again, ideally holding the firm belief that we would all meet up together somewhere after it was all over and it would be like old times again. But now a twenty-year-old kid returns to my life dead, never to get older than memories.

The Galactic Federation Congress is holding an emergency meeting to discuss further actions. All senators are required to attend, with holo-projectors available for those too infirm or too distant to make it in person. Such a provision has only been used once before in the more than seventy years of the Congress’s history, and that was when Pirates began massacring the outer colonies.

I, too, have been summoned to attend. If I am called to fight the Metroids, I am ready. I will eradicate those monsters from the galaxy once and for all.

I have already set course for Daiban and will be there within the hour…



  1. Keep it up, man. This is way better than any Metroid fanfiction I’ve ever read.

  2. Great post. Keep up the pace! I’m excited to see what happens next! This thing could end up being as good as The Darth Side: Memoirs of a Monster


  3. It’s getting VERY lonely on Zebes…

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