Posted by: lonelyonzebes | August 14, 2010

Something Big is Brewing in Deep Space

For the past two weeks, I have been monitoring military and police channels, and lately, they have been abuzz with encrypted data. It seems a Federation research vessel has gone missing on a quarantined planet in unexplored space. The expedition was well equipped, its mission highly classified. After landing on the surface, the research base lost contact with the crew.

Before contacting the Federation, the base sent a rescue party. The party discovered the landing site of the first ship, which upon investigation, was completely deserted, the vessel transmitting only basic landing data and diagnostics in an endless loop. The ship’s log stated a survey team had been sent into the caves, but after recording complaints of transmission interference from the area’s mineral composition, the records abruptly ended. The team also reported finding an odd layer of carbon dust in different parts of the ship, particularly the bridge and mess hall. Shortly after this transmission, the base lost all contact.

Both the research crew and the rescue team did not appear to have been victims of a Space Pirate attack, but rather something far worse… As such, the Federation dispatched a heavily-armed Federation Police Special Squadron to the planet, but reports of the expedition’s outcome have yet to come in…

Already there are rumors spreading about the nature of the expedition, but I have little doubt that its purpose was to investigate Planet SR388. Though the Metroid has become the bogeyman of the modern era for the general public and initially blamed for any disaster or disappearance, no matter how minor (you would be surprised how many reports of lost pets have been initially blamed on Metroids), the similarities of this expedition with recorded Metroid attacks are uncanny.

Planet SR388’s location is classified to prevent Pirate raids, but you can bet they are listening in to these broadcasts all the same. If the destination of the expedition really was SR388, we are all in deep trouble…



  1. Ah Samus we all Love you…now come give us hugs! 😀

  2. Cheers from Spain!

  3. These are AWESEOME

    Though I would be interested to see more of Samus personality and how the “average man” reacts to the Metroid universe- we’re seeing it in pieces, but I think more detail would shed new light on this

  4. Hey, this is great stuff! I’m going to favorite you. I’m looking for unique writers to follow. It’s hard to find stuff I will sit down and take time to read.

    THanks for a good read and I look forward to reading more. I hope you might look at my page.

    I’ll admit that my blog probably isn’t for everyone but, whatever. If it’s your thing, than cool.


  5. Yeah, those devilish Metroids up to no good again 😛

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