Posted by: lonelyonzebes | August 11, 2010

The Battle of Phaaze

The public is horrified by losses incurred in the Battle of Phaaze. They are starting to realize how much the war with the Space Pirates is actually costing them. I can understand why those two Marines leaked the report. The Federation didn’t even mention the sacrifices of their comrades. I still can’t get over that number… 37% of the fleet…51% of all crews… Most of them are still floating around what’s left of Phaaze. May their souls rest in peace.

I saw the battle coming in. Things were worse than Fleet operations at Zebes. At least back then we didn’t have to fight organic ships. Or deal with phazon corruption. It is not something I wish to see again, nor can I describe it lightly.

Those people did their job; I did mine. I just wish I had been able to do it quicker. They deserve more than what we’ve given them. Even Chief Hardy said as much, though not verbally… I could see it in his eyes.

There are rumblings about bringing Admiral Dane before a tribunal to investigate his actions at Phaaze. Dane is a good commander, ready to visit the front lines, but when you lose over a third of your fleet, and half your crews, there have got to be answers. I don’t think the public will fully realize the nature of the enemy and the danger the galaxy would have been in had the operation failed. Most of them have never even heard of Phazon. But most know the Pirates, and I will keep hunting them until the last one is dead.

Given that, more than likely, the tribunal will “promote” him to a desk job.


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